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Chris Packham’s Natural Selection: designed to be intelligent

That's How The Light Gets In

For an hour on Thursday evening it felt as if I’d been transported by time machine back to 1984 or thereabouts, and that I was watching the freshly-launched Channel 4. But no, it was 2015 and I was watching Chris Packham’s Natural Selection on BBC4, a one-off chatshow in which Chris Packham of Springwatch fame hosted a discussion in which his guests were the conceptual artist Jeremy Deller and activist George Monbiot.

If you missed it catch up with it on iPlayer before it disappears. This was an hour of the most intelligent and critical discussion I’ve seen on TV since the days when Channel 4 was a grown-up TV channel hosting critical debates about serious issues, not the moronic, attention-seeking waste of tax-payers money that it has become.

I can only hope that Packham gets a regular series after this show, which he introduced as a conversation with two of his heroes – both dedicated to resisting…

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